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Standard English gold 0.1g silver 1g with video

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We have made the simplest and the most natural Kintsugi kit in the world.

Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese technique that repairs cracks and chips with lacquer and decorates with gold or silver.

“I’d like to share simple and natural Japanese Kintsugi techniques with everyone who loves pottery all over the world.”

With this idea,
we’ve made this kit with natural traditional ingredients such as tokusa plant which has been used since ancient times to polish thanks to its rough surface, lacquer extracted from lacquer trees, pure gold and silver, safe for the human body.

This “Kintsugi kit of urujyu” was born thanks to the interaction with our students of Kintsugi class.
It contains easy-to-use quantities of materials and tools to be used at home with a text and video (“Kintsugi Urujyu” on Youtube)

The Kintsugi kit of Urujyu uses only Ki-urushi lacquer, the most natural type of lacquer, made of lacquer sap from which we removed impurities.
To repair broken pottery, we mix earth with lacquer to fill a crack, then put some flour and sawdust in order to refill said broken part.
The ivory-colored lacquer freshly taken from lacquer trees changes to a transparent candy-color in the air. It turns red when naturel pigment such as Bengara is added.

Make your own color from natural lacquer.
This is the Kintsugi, simple and natural, that Urujyu offers to you. We would like to pass on this traditional technology and knowledge about lacquer down to you through our Kintsugi kit

Like when we sew a button that has fallen off with a needle and thread, the Kintsugi allows us to mend our precious porcelain items when they are broken. We hope that this lifestyle becomes usual. We made this kit keeping this in mind.

We are happy if this Kintsugi kit of Urujyu encourages those who would like to start Kintsugi and those who once abandoned it.

Please enjoy Kintsugi with natural ingredients and the moment when human and pottery come together.

・Kit content
30g of basic lacquer, makie powder (0.1g of gold keshi-fun and 1g of silver keshi-fun), 50g of Tonoko (clay powder), 7ml of Bengara(red pigment), sawdust and flour. Spatula, paint brush, sprinkle brush, glass plate, small container, oil (cooking oil etc.), sandpaper (#400 #800 #1500), silk cotton, pipette, masking tape, measuring spoon, toothpicks and gloves (*Plastic gloves are disposable. Please purchase according to your need.)

・Other things that you might need:
Tissue, food wrap, scissors, cutter or carving knife, Ethanol (you can substitute turpentine or kerosene), Urushi-buro (plastic/cardboard-box /paper box etc.)

* The Kintsugi kit of urujyu “Standard” is a kit which allows to do simple Keshi-fun finishing (also called Maki-shiage:powder finish); Those who want to try also another type of finishing, Migaki-shiage finishing, need to purchase “Advance”.

The kit contains pure gold keshi-powder (0.1g), pure silver keshi-fun powder(1g). With this kit, you can repair about 50 small chips

*The basic lacquer included in this kit works with enzyme. We recommend that you use it up in about one year. The rest of the basic lacquer can be used to do “fuki-urushi (wiping lacquer)” to polish wood chopsticks or cutlery.

*As this is a repair method using real lacquer, there is a risk of getting a rash. Please wear gloves while working.

(One more tree project)
*”Thanks to lacquer, thanks to all lacquer trees”
urujyu was founded in 2015 with this feeling. I've always dreamed of having my own lacquer field. In 2020, I moved to Miyama in Kyoto, a town rich in nature, and started to plant lacquer trees. In the future, about 10 years later from now, I wish to deliver to everyone Japanese lacquer through my Kintsugi kit.

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¥12,650 tax included